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Customizing WordPress Themes before Activating Them

Customizing WordPress Themes before Activating Them

Nowadays WordPress is the most widely used CMS on the internet. Day by day the number of WordPress Theme users is increasing, it’s quite important to show uniqueness especially if you are sharing a blogging platform with millions of other users. Though the quality and content comes first for uniqueness, but equally important is to make a good first impression and then to give users good content so that they keep coming.

That’s the reason why a good WordPress theme is very important. Though has plenty of themes to choose from and is regularly updated with new ones yet need arises to customize them before applying them to one’s blog to get rid of Stock look.

With WordPress 3.4, has introduced a brand new customizer, it enables the user to tweak the themes and watch how those changes affect their blog without applying the theme to the live site in reality, until they finish customizing. The theme customizer allows the user to play with all the available looks and settings for the current theme or the one’s which they‘re thinking about switching to without actually publishing those changes to the world. For themes that support it the user can change backgrounds, colors and can easily custom image headers. There are lots of tweaks which make user’s everyday life easier. For an example if the user has lots of themes, then with the available features he can browse them all at a one go without actually paging. With WordPress 3.4 it is possible to use images from the user’s media library to populate custom headers and also the height and width of the header images.

As explained by the WordPress official statement the theme customizer provides a live preview as the user plays with appearance settings and it allows the user to edit the site title and tagline, navigation placements, front page selection and other options vary according to the theme. And another privilege is that it works with both premium themes and free themes. There are few other features that are not visible to the common webmaster, those performance changes remain behind the scene and they include the new support of XML-RPC API for cell phone as well as external applications, new API for registering the theme support for backgrounds and custom headers. By splitting the query, International improvements and API improvements there is a performance improvements to WP_Query  while working with the themes installed WordPress.

Every year since 2010 the default theme that ships with Word press is changed. Following up Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven, the new default theme for the year 2012 is called Twenty twelve (if you hadn’t guessed it). The wordpress 3.4 beta also comes with another spectacular feature, there is a much improved and better theme browser which has the ability to install child themes from the official directory.  Though all the features are quite good, but still some changes in the media manager is expected in WordPress 3.5. But still it is worth a try…

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