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How to get YouTube Video Thumbnail from YouTube API

How to get YouTube Video Thumbnail from YouTube API

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I was working with YouTube API to display YouTube videos on my client’s website. What my client want is, display thumbnails in grid format and when click on thumbnail, it should popup YouTube video. To achieve this, we need to get YouTube Thumbnail video URL from YouTube API. Its easy to get YouTube Video Thumbnail from YouTube API.


You implement YouTube API using this link. You will get response with YouTube Video data.
YouTube API

Getting YouTube Video Thumbnails

Once you have YouTube API response, you will have YouTube Video ID. Using Video ID, we can get different YouTube Video thumbnails.

Default Thumbnail URL{Video-ID}/default.jpg

High Quality Thumbnail URL{Video-ID}/hqdefault.jpg

Medium Quality Thumbnail URL{Video-ID}/mqdefault.jpg

Standard Definition Thumbnail URL{Video-ID}/sddefault.jpg

Maximum Resolution Thumbnail URL{Video-ID}/maxresdefault.jpg

Standard Generated Thumbnail URL{Video-ID}/0.jpg{Video-ID}/1.jpg{Video-ID}/2.jpg{Video-ID}/3.jpg

These are all YouTube Video thumbnail urls. YouTube auto generates 4 images when any one uploads video and those 4 images link, i mention in the last box. Hope it helps you and save your time. Please spend couple of minutes and share with your friends via social media and let them help to save time as well.

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