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[.htaccess] .htaccess invisible in Filezilla | How to make it Visible

[.htaccess] .htaccess invisible in Filezilla | How to make it Visible

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You may use Filezilla as the client server ftp program to transfer file to your hosting server. If you are facing problem with .htaccess file in Filezilla and you are not able to see it in Filezilla in the directory where .htaccess file is, you can simple follow below steps. .htaccess is considered as hidden file and by default many of FTP programs like CuteFTP, Filezilla and FireFTP makes it invisible. How to make .htaccess visible in Filezilla, .htaccess is invisible in Filezilla. Solution is here.

For FileZilla 2,
1) Click on Settings.
2) Select Edit -> Settings -> Interface settings -> Remote file list
3) Tick check box says Always show hidden files & Press OK.
4) You are Done.
For FileZilla 3,
1) Click on Server from top navigation. 
2) Click on Force showing hidden files at last option
3) Press OK when it shows warning.
4) You are Done.

If you have questions like make .htaccess visible in Filezilla, how to enable .htaccess in Filezilla, .htaccess invisible in Filezilla than this is the solution for it.

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