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[Magento] Print Exception on Browser

[Magento] Print Exception on Browser

Hello Friends,

Magento adds very good features in every new release but sometimes new feature is not useful while developing an application and it becomes a very irritating for developers like me. In Previous versions, Magento prints exception on browser itself and it is easy to track error and sort it out right away.

Now in new version of Magento, error/exception is hidden and Magento writes it in error log file. So developer needs to look into error log file and than try to solve the issue. This takes little more time for solving issue as every time i need to go to error log file and check it.

If you want to show Error or Exception on browser itself just like previous version of Magento, You can just follow below steps and you are done.

1) Open errors\local.xml
2) If you dont find such file than find local.xml.sample and rename it to local.xml.
3) Search <action>. Put print in between this xml tag.
4) You are done. Isn't it easy ?

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