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[WooCommerce] How to Get WooCommerce Currency Symbol

[WooCommerce] How to Get WooCommerce Currency Symbol

Hi Friends,

I am recently working with WooCommerce WordPress project for my client and I am developing plugin for WooCommerce WordPress. I am in need of display Currency Symbol outside of the loop in user defined function. If you are looking for how to get WooCommerce Currency Symbol, WooCommerce Currency Symbol change, WooCommerce Currency Symbol not showing or WooCommerce Currency Symbol after price, you will find a solution here for sure.

First make sure, you have set the currency in WooCommerce WordPress settings. Once you set the currency, you can get currency symbol using couple of functions mentioned in WooCommerce Documentations.

Check Currency is set

As I said, first make sure you have set the currency. To do so, copy below line and paste it to your file and check in browser. If it returns nothing, you have no currency set. If so, you might not get currency symbol using functions i am going to mention in later part of post.


WooCommerce Currency Symbol After Price

Once you set the currency, you are able to get currency symbol using either of below function as per your needs.


I hope it solved all your WooCommerce Currency Symbol,WooCommerce Currency Symbol change,WooCommerce Currency Symbol not showing,WooCommerce Currency Symbol after price problems.

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