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[WordPress] Disadvantage of Using too Many Links in Blogs

[WordPress] Disadvantage of Using too Many Links in Blogs

It is not necessary that when you do well then something good will happen to you. There are various situations in which exactly opposite happen with you. Many times your hard work and dedication did not bring the expected result. These are the things which happen when you try various ways for getting Search Engine Optimization for your content. You always give your efforts for inserting keywords, contents and links.

Now you  must be thinking the by doing this job, a good SEO result must be obtained for your blog but you always ignore the truth that link overdosing and stuffing of keywords always make a backfire. So for preventing this thing to happen you must have the appropriate knowledge of doing Search Engine Optimization for your blogs and websites. You must be aware that huge amount of links and contents can become problem for your blog. So for doing Search Engine Optimization properly you must lay stress on the following techniques.

  • Truly speaking, links are the important part of anyone’s blog. This is the path by which get attention of countless people on your blog. You for inserting the links you must keep certain things in mind. You must keep counting the number of links that you have inserted as you don’t know about the tactics of SEO. Also you don’t have information that when the Search Engine Optimization changes its rule as the changed rules is highly appreciated. So keep inserting links in your data but new do overdosing.
  • Numerous links can help in Search Engine Optimization of your website. As with this the task becomes easy. With the help of links, Search Engine can give rank to your blog or website in an easy way. Now, with the help of link insertion, various good things generate but you must have the knowledge of the right amount of the links to be inserted in your blog as over dose may give bad result.
  • When it comes for the link insertion then you must follow a sequence. Countless links can hamper your website. They will generate a negative review and can badly affect your website.
  • Various famous Search Engines like GOOGLE bound you in a rule that you can’t exceed the count of links and if you cross the count then no value will be given to your blog. For example the maximum link count can be hundred links per blog or website and if you want good result then you can’t go beyond this count. According to various search engines, if you will increase the count then they will make your blog as SPAM with can completely degrades the value of your blog and it is not good for the image of your website. But if your blog is having the link count less than the minimum requirement then your website will be ranked low and again the quality will be affected badly.

So always keep in mind, do as per the requirement, never do over dosing or under dosing as both can result in bad image. ALWAYS MAINTAIN A BALANCE…

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