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28 January 2011 11 Comments

[WordPress] RAX – Top Social Media Share With Counter


RAX – Top Social Media Share With Counter will give you the ability to add a social media share icons with counter on Home Page, Posts, Pages, Category Pages, Archieve Pages and many more options. I have added only limited number of most popular and commonly used social media sites so it will not put a load on your site. This is a light weight plugin which is very very useful as per search engine point of view.

25 January 2011 2 Comments

[WordPress] RAX – Google XML Sitemap


RAX – Google XML Sitemap will automatically generate xml sitemap whenever post or page is published/deleted. This helps to crowl your blog content, get the search engine optimization and get the more traffic from search engine. XML sitemap is made for Google Webmaster Tools. You just need to put the generated XML sitemap in your Google Webmaster Tools account.

24 January 2011 7 Comments

[WordPress] RAX – Google Language Translator Plugin


RAX – Google Language Translator provide the easiest way to give a way to your visitor for change of language option. Google provides a language translator and based on that this plugin will call Google Translator tool to convert page into language selected by visitor.

18 January 2011 4 Comments

[WordPress] RAX–Latest Tweets After Posts plugin released


Here i am sharing very simple but useful WordPress Plugin which is related to Twitter. Twitter is one of the most famous social media network and everybody likes that their followers increase rapidly. Using RAX – Latest Tweets After Posts plugin, it will add Latest Tweets after each post of your WordPress blog. This helps to show your visibility of twitter and getting the followers. You can choose the number of tweets you want to show as well as css settings from your wp admin panel.

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