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[WooCommerce] How to Get WooCommerce Currency Symbol


I am recently working with WooCommerce WordPress project for my client and I am developing plugin for WooCommerce WordPress. I am in need of display Currency Symbol outside of the loop in user defined function. If you are looking for how to get WooCommerce Currency Symbol, WooCommerce Currency Symbol change, WooCommerce Currency Symbol not showing or WooCommerce Currency Symbol after price, you will find a solution here for sure. Read More »

[WooCommerce] How to find WooCommerce Downloadable Products


I am working on WooCommerce project where i need to Customize the WooCommerce checkout page code and find WooCommerce Downloadable Products. Are you looking for WooCommerce Downloadable Products or WooCommerce Virtual Products ? If so, here i will show you how to find WooCommerce Downloadable Products in WooCommerce WordPress eCommerce. Read More »

[WooCommerce] How to Write Custom Products Listing Loop


I am working with WooCommerce project for my client and i need to show products listing loop with pagination. I was searching for how to write custom products listing loop in WooCommerce and after a bit research, i found a way. Here i am sharing a code with you. Read More »

[WooCommerce] How to hide Out of Stock products & its count


I am working with WooCommerce since last few days. I came across a situation where i need to hide "Out of Stock" products from product listing page, category/archive page. I will show you how to hide Out of Stock products from listing page. Along with this, i notice that on category listing, it shows products count in bracket. This includes the Out of Stock products. Read More »

Reliability And Effectiveness Of WordPress


With the prevalence of internet market it has become much significant for any business to make their presence online with an efficient website. In the present days, the first source of information looked upon by people for a product or service is the internet sites. They should gain enough details to trust about the reliability of a firm and effect websites are the solution for this. Read More »

Some Attractive Features Of WordPress Themes


The word internet marketing is become the buzz for most of the present day business owners.  There are many businessmen showing lot of interest in designing a website and promoting in various search engines. The initial stage of internet marketing owns a unique website. Having a unique website is the most significant part and is the most important one for any businessmen to promote their business. Read More »

Customizing WordPress Themes before Activating Them


Nowadays Wordpress is the most widely used CMS on the internet. Day by day the number of Wordpress Theme users is increasing, it’s quite important to show uniqueness especially if you are sharing a blogging platform with millions of other users. Though the quality and content comes first for uniqueness, but equally important is to make a good first impression and then to give users good content so that they keep coming. Read More »

How Important is WordPress for a website development


Nowadays e-business industry is booming and gaining popularity day by day. With people having less time, they generally opt for online products that are readily available. Today we get almost everything online, be it dresses, shoes, furniture, phones or even food. Nothings impossible in e-business. Buyers can browse through hundreds of products at the same time. They get good deals and discount. It saves time as well as energy too. Read More »

[WordPress] Remove UL LI from wp_nav_menu


I was working with WordPress since long time and I am becoming familiar with more and more built in functions and usage of WordPress functions. Really, WordPress makes life more easier than we think. As i developer, you should know argument of functions and how to make it more and more flexible. I was using wp_nav_menu function for footer menu and I would like to remove div tags, ul tags and li tags. I just need to put <a> tags. Read More »

Aspects of WordPress plug-ins that will turn On your WordPress blog.


In today's modern era if you have a blog or if you are a blogger then you must   know about various words press   plugins ,to enrich and enhance the way of your blogging  style . The Word press was started in the year 2003 to encourage the different styles of expression in form of writing. Since then it has become the largest source of blogging platfom where millions of people use it for the betterment of their sites. Read More »