Wednesday , 26 July 2017
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[CakePHP] How to close mysql connection


I am working with CakePHP project since last few days. I want to close the mysql connection for some reason. With Core PHP, you can close mysql connection by simply calling mysql function which is mysql_close() function. Are you looking for how to close mysql connection in CakePHP ? Read More »

[CakePHP] How to add meta tags – SEO


Its important to add meta tags when you develop any web application. It is very very useful for Search Engine Optimization. Meta tags contribute major factor while giving rank or crawling pages etc etc. I was working with CakePHP and I need to put meta robot tag as per client's requirement. I just gone through the CakePHP site and came to know how to place meta tags. Its really easy to place SEO meta tags in CakePHP. Read More »

[CakePHP] Import a Controller using App::import()


Have you ever use controller inside another controller(two controllers) in CakePHP ? If you are looking for the same thing, you are at the right place. I was working with CakePHP and i need to use a member info method of member controller in order controller(two controller in CakePHP) Read More »

[CakePHP] How to Create Static Pages


I need to create a static pages along with other dynamic pages for my CakePHP site. Initially i have decided to go with a similar procedure as dynamic pages. But later i got the solution for Static pages that CakePHP provides a simple and easiest way to create Static pages. Follow the below steps to create static pages in CakePHP. Read More »