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Mobile Redirects by Javascript – Redirection code to Mobile Device


I am working on a mobile creation website where I need to redirect user to mobile version of site when they are on mobile device. So basically there will be two sites.. One is for Browsers in PC and another is mobile version. If someone opens main website in mobile device than we need to track it and redirect to mobile version of site. Read More »

Redirect User from one page to another using jQuery/Javascript


All we know how to redirect user from one page to another page using form submit or php header redirection. In some case, you might be in need to redirect user from one page to another page using javascript or jQuery. If you want to redirect user from one page to another page using javascript.. Read More »

[JavaScript] Email Validation Using Regular Expression


In My Previous Post, I wrote about Email Validation using Regular Expression in PHP. I thought most of developers are aware with JavaScript Email Validation but this post is for those who are not aware with JavaScript Email Validation. Client side Email Validation, JavaScript Email Validation. Read More »

[JavaScript] How to get Current Page Url using JavaScript


This is very very basic tip but i don't want this to miss someone who have started his/her carrier in PHP. He must be aware with how to get current page URL using JavaScript. Using JavaScript, you need to get Current URL and use it for other processes. This will be used frequently and you must be aware with this Read More »

[JavaScript] How to Create/Store/Delete Cookie with JavaScript


I am working on WordPress shopping cart and i found that shopping cart is working with JavaScript Cookie. If you are PHP Developer than you might be aware that we are using session for shopping cart management. But we can also use cookie for shopping cart management. Read More »

[JavaScript] Get Option text of Selectbox using Javascript


Are you looking to get a selected option text using javascript ? You can easily find the selected value using javascript. but if you need to find the option text (selected text) using javascript, i am here to give you solutions. Read More »