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Redirect User from one page to another using jQuery/Javascript


All we know how to redirect user from one page to another page using form submit or php header redirection. In some case, you might be in need to redirect user from one page to another page using javascript or jQuery. If you want to redirect user from one page to another page using javascript.. Read More »

[PHP] TinyMCE Validation using jQuery


I was working with jQuery validation since long time. I never thought to validate TinyMCE using jQuery as description is most probably optional field. Yesterday I need to validate TinyMCE and I just out a required class in textarea as jQuery validation. Now Issue is that, jQuery calls validation on click on submit button and TinyMCE is transferring value of editor into textarea once submit button clicked. So for first click, jQuery shows error message and TinyMCE transfer the values in to textarea. After this, all works fine. This means one need to click on submit button two times to submit the particular page. Read More »

[jQuery] Get Checked Input Checkbox Value


jQuery is one of my favorite JavaScript Framework to work with. For each element, jQuery provides easy way o retrieve values, Insert Values, Update Values etc etc. If you want to get a Checked Checkbox Value than its easy to get value of Checked Checkbox using jQuery. Get Checked Checkbox Value, Checked Checkbox Value using jQuery Read More »

[jQuery] Find Width & Height of Body and Window


Wanted to get Width & Height of Body and Window using jQuery ? If yes than you are at the right place. :) Its very easy to get Width & Height of Body and Window using jQuery. You can also get Width & Height of Window using JavaScript code. Below is the code to get Width of Body using jQuery, Height of Body using jQuery Read More »

[jQuery] Validation of Input array Elements using jQuery


jQuery is one of the popular javascript library and becoming more and more popular as days passes. One of the javascript library of jQuery is validation for HTML forms. I always prefer to use jQuery validation. In one of my project, i was facing an issue with validating array of input elements using jQuery. Read More »

[jQuery] Get Option text of Selectbox using jQuery


In my previous post, i mentions how to get option text using javascript. If you are using jQuery than this is more easy than taking option text (selected text) using javascript. Look at below code to get selected text of dropdown using jQuery. Read More »