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How to get YouTube Video Thumbnail from YouTube API


Hi Friends, I was working with YouTube API to display YouTube videos on my client’s website. What my client want is, display thumbnails in grid format and when click on thumbnail, it should popup YouTube video. To achieve this, we need to get YouTube Thumbnail video URL from YouTube API. Its easy to get YouTube Video Thumbnail from YouTube API. ... Read More »

[PHP] Connect to Twitter OAuth API


I have recently implemented Twitter OAuth API in one of my client's web application. Here I will show you how to connect with Twitter OAuth API using PHP and save the oauth_token and oauth_token_secret in MySql database. oauth_token and oauth_token_secret will be used whenever you want to update status in Twitter via your web application. Read More »

[TinyMCE] Apply CSS to TinyMCE Editor Same look as Front Page


Do you want to see same design as your front page in TinyMCE Editor ? If so, you need to add css styles when you initialize the TinyMCE editor script. Once you add it, it will apply css to tinymce editor and you see same design look as your front page. Your client can have clear idea how it will look in front end. Must do this to impress your client and make him happy. Here are various ways to add/import css file to tinymce editor. Read More »

How PHP is better than other language for website development


For now-a-days developers, PHP language is very simple and bold language to develop and maintain the networking sites. Using PHP language is helpful because it is dynamic in its application, so it is useful for developing sites. Choosing PHP for developing networking sites is a good approach as it consumes less time than other languages and it is also very effective. PHP is actually server based scripting language for upgrading internet sites. The main application of the PHP language is the PHP developing modulator which converts it addressing structure. Read More »

Read/Parse RSS Feed using PHP


Its very easy to read rss feed with php. Are you looking to read/parse rss feed using PHP ? If yes than you are at right place and you can understand the code very very easily. Even begineer with PHP can implement this and understand this code. All you need to do is Just copy and paste below code and call this function by passing your feed url. Read More »

Essential development facts All PHP developer should know


What one is taught in classes is different from real world; in classes we follow textbook programming-syntax, procedure etc. but in the actual knowledge and experience from developing web applications. As a PHP developer few things should be kept in mind before developing applications in PHP. Read More »

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled in the server configuration


I have worked on many PHP projects and clients are happy with work as well. Suddenly yesterday I got an email from my client about the issue. He was a little angry and saying that why it stops showing Google Map on my contact us page. It was showing below error message. Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: URL file-access is disabled... Read More »

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in phpmyadmin


I was working with Google API and I need to implement World's City and its population in Google Map. For that, I downloaded world's city and its population database and trying to import it into my local phpmyadmin. Database is with size of 33MB and when I try to import it via Import function, it throws me Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded in \xampp\phpMyAdmin\libraries\import\sql.php on line 133 error. Read More »

[PHP] TinyMCE Validation using jQuery


I was working with jQuery validation since long time. I never thought to validate TinyMCE using jQuery as description is most probably optional field. Yesterday I need to validate TinyMCE and I just out a required class in textarea as jQuery validation. Now Issue is that, jQuery calls validation on click on submit button and TinyMCE is transferring value of editor into textarea once submit button clicked. So for first click, jQuery shows error message and TinyMCE transfer the values in to textarea. After this, all works fine. This means one need to click on submit button two times to submit the particular page. Read More »

[PHP] Get/Parse Domain Name From Current URL


Are you looking to parse Domain Name from Current URL ? If yes than you don't need to use explode function. There is other easy way to parse domain name, website url from current url of page. You can parse the domain name using explode function as well but this is the easy way to get domain name from url. Read More »