Wednesday , 26 July 2017
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[Magento] Change Default Newsletter template in Magento


I am working with Magento Open source shopping cart where I am implementing Newsletter feature for my client. I need to set up almost 20 newsletter templates and most of them are similar. To do so, I need to add newsletter template first. You can add newsletter template using below path. Read More »

[Magento] Change Image according to Color and Size Selection


Hi Friends, I am working with Magento projects since last couple of years. I learned a lot of new things during this time. Its not as tough as we think to work with Magento. Here is one of the task which might be helpful to you. What will you do if you want to Change Image according to Color and ... Read More »

[Magento] Print Exception on Browser


Magento adds very good features in every new release but sometimes new feature is not useful while developing an application and it becomes a very irritating for developers like me. In Previous versions, Magento prints exception on browser itself and it is easy to track error and sort it out right away. Read More »

[Magento] Remove/Disable Secret Key From Admin Url


I am working with Magento and found the secret key attached in admin url of magento. It is a unique key and used for security purpose. Its a Security protection provided by Magento. Its for Cross-site request forgery. You can search this work for more information about Cross-site request forgery. But if you want to remove secret key from Magento Admin Url.. Read More »

[Magento] Enable Gift Message Module for Order


I am working in Magento since last couple of months. I face a situation where i need to show Gift Message in Order page of Magento. Magento provides Gift Message module but it is not enabled by default. If you want to show Gift Message in Magento Order page than you have to enable Gift Message module and set the configuration for the same. Read More »

[Magento] Increase Cookie time of Login


My Client is complaining for logged out issue. Magento sets Cookie lifetime to 3600 seconds and after that it asks for Login again. So my client wants to increase Login Cookie time. If you are looking for the same than follow the below steps. Read More »

[Magento] Disable Compare products functionality


Yesterday i was working with Magento Open Source and i am in need to disable the compare products in Magento. Client does not want the compare products functionality of Magento so i have no choice other than disable it. Read More »

[Magento] Access denied issue


You must be facing Access deined issue when you work with Magento site. I am facing such issue frequently and it was due to admin privileges. This error is due to lack of permission set for admin. You can be out of the issue by either of the below way. Read More »

[Magento] Configure/Move site to new domain


I am working with Magento and i need to move the site from one domain to another domain. Configure Magento to new Domain or Move Magento to New Domain by just editing 2 fields of database. You can open your Magento Database and follow the below steps. Read More »

[Magento] How to Write MySQL Query


Magento have a wide core functions and you dont need to write mysql query in order to get data from database. In some wired situation where you need to write a Mysql querym you can simple write below two line and you are done. Read More »