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[WordPress] RAX–Latest Tweets After Posts plugin released


Hello Friends,

Here i am sharing very simple but useful WordPress Plugin which is related to Twitter. Twitter is one of the most famous social media network and everybody likes that their followers increase rapidly. Using RAX – Latest Tweets After Posts plugin, it will add Latest Tweets after each post of your WordPress blog. This helps to show your visibility of twitter and getting the followers. You can choose the number of tweets you want to show as well as css settings from your wp admin panel.

Download RAX – Latest Tweets After Posts

= Major Features =
- Using this Plugin, it will increase your twitter visibility and have more chances to visit your profile to get followers.

= Included Files =
- rax-latest-tweet-after-post.php

== Installation ==
1. Download the zip file named

2. Unzip the file and put it in the plugins directory of your wordpress installation. (wp-content/plugins).

3. Activate the plugin through the plugin window in the admin panel.

4. Go to setting->RAX – Latest Tweets After Posts to set your Twitter username, Number of tweets you want to show and the css settings.

== Changelog ==

Version 1.0. – This is very first release of the RAX – Latest Tweets After Posts plugin.

== Upgrade Notice ==

- Users will be informed every time the plugin upgrades.

== Screenshots ==

1) Admin Options

2) GUI After Post Look

Let me know if you have any problem while installing this plugin or any questions regarding this plugin.

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  • Thorsten Wollenhoefer

    very nice plugin. I’ve some questions. I use your Plugin with Buddypress.
    1. Links in Twitter are not clickable, true? Can you change this?
    2. I want to change the headline “Latest Tweets” with my own tex and a bit smaller. Possible?

    See your plugin working on my site:


  • Rakshit Patel

    Thanks Thorsten.

    Yes, i appriciate your suggestions.

    I will make changes and upgrade plugin in couple of days. You can take the update.


  • Unitedcasting Service

    Great! You add two more fields to your plugin. Thank you for this it works. Question: Is it possible to make the URL in your Twitter plugin clickable?


    I cannot click on

  • Thorsten

    Really great work!!!!!!!!!

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