7 February 2011 2 Comments

[Joomla] Remove menu items from Joomla Admin

I was working with Joomla CMS and i need to remove unnecessary menu items from Joomla Admin menu. Also there are many unwanted icons in control panel of Joomla Admin. I need to remove these extra unnecessary icons and links from Joomla admin which makes Admin panel neat and clean. I searched and got the result. Follow the below steps.

1) Remove Menu items from Joomla Admin
- Open \administrator\modules\mod_menu\helper.php
- Comment out unwanted menu sections

2) Remove Quick Icons from Control Panel of Joomla Admin
- Open \administrator\modules\mod_quickicon\mod_quickicon.php
- Comment out unwanted quick icon buttons

  • Cainrand

    Great! I like “neat & clean.”

    Now how to do this for a specific user group, say ‘manager’

    I would like to modify the admin panel so the only thing a ‘manager’ can see are the article icons/menus.

    All my managers need to do is archive old articles and create new ones.

    Better yet, I would love to see simple “archive & create new” article button in the editor section – where the create new would simply create a new article in the same section and category…

  • asdfasdafasd

    Chal baye nikal